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Friday, September 9, 2011

Made by Mama: Big Sister shirt!

In preparation for little sister to arrive, I made this Big Sister shirt for A.  I was going to buy one from Etsy (there are SO many options on there!) but a friend convinced me I could make my own.  I knew I could, but didn't think I had the energy. 

I'm so glad I  made this myself.  The shirt was $2.50 at a consignment store and I had the scrap fabric and "Steam a Stitch."  All I did to make this was:
 -print the words out on computer paper
-iron the Steam a stitch onto the scrap fabric
-cut out the letters
-iron letters to shirt
I'm also stitching around the letters so the shirt will last a bit longer.  I'll post the final product when it's completely finished!

*I'd be happy to share the file I used for the words.  Just email me and I'll get it to you!*

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