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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rotating Toys Part Two: Labeling and Storing

The second part of rotating toys is labeling each bin.

1.  Print out large numbers and attach them to scrapbook paper. Tape the numbers on the inside wall of each bin.

2.  Take inventory of the bin and either handwrite (which I did originally) or type a list and tape it to the lid of the bin.

3.  Find a storage place.  I'm blessed that A has a large closet.  We use the right side of her closet floor to house all of the bins.  I am up to eight bins. (The toys were mostly gifts or purchased at secondhand stores) They stay in the closet until they are brought into rotation.  My sister borrows the bins every once in a while too, which was a major contributor to motivating my organization!
(After we've used a bin of toys, I put the toys back into the bin and put it on the bottom of the pile.  That way, I know which ones we've used and which ones have been waiting for a while.)
Tomorrow, Step Three:  Rotating the toys

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