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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snack drawer!

A now has her own snack drawer.  We've always had a few snacks for her in the family snack drawer (the drawer right above the one shown) and she's always been free to get them herself.  The drawer was a bit too high for her, so I took the baking items out of the bottom drawer, put her snacks in there and put the baking stuff in the old snack drawer.  There was still room for a few of Mom and Dad's snacks in the middle drawer.

Now, whenever A says, "eat!" we can just say, "go look in your snack drawer."  She gets so excited about choosing her snacks.  She's been very good about putting them away too.  I just have to remember to refill the fresh fruits and veggies (and put them away at night).  What a nice step towards independence!


Jen said...

I know this has been up a while, but I'm looking through your archives at posts for when your daughter was the aqe that mine is now (25 mo) because you have such great ideas! This snack drawer idea seems so nice for building independence, but in our house I suspect my daughter would eat a ton of graham crackers and then not want supper - do you have any issues with over-snacking? Thanks!

Mandy Jane said...

Hi Jen!

My daughter has acid reflux and is pretty picky. She mostly grazes rather than eats large meals throughout the day and we encourage snacking. That being said, we didn't have problems with her overeating these snacks, but when it was new to her,she did enjoy taking every single item out and putting them on her toy box. It just took a little training and now she just goes to it when she is hungry. I might suggest starting with one or two snacks at a time and maybe have them be fruit or a veggie. You could also start with a single serving of a snack so that you could monitor how much she is eating. I love that she can go to the drawer when she is feeling hungry and grab her own snack now. Good luck!