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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A snack for Mama

I've been hearing all about microwave popcorn and how eating it may expose you to carcinogens, etc.  I've ALSO been hearing about how you can make your own popcorn in the microwave by using popcorn kernels and a paper lunch bag.  I had to try it!

Put 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels into a paper bag
Roll the top of the bag so it fits upright into the microwave
Heat for 1 minute 30 seconds

This was DELICIOUS!  I melted a bit of butter to pour over the top of it and sprinkled it with salt.  It's so much better than the usual microwave popcorn.  I will suggest buying white or golden popcorn kernels, rather than the cheaper, yellow kernels.  I've used those kernels with an air popper, and they are really thick and get stuck in your teeth.  The lighter kernels are way better. 
Go. make. some. now! 

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faux domestic diva said...

I *love* popcorn!!!!!!! (Umm, are you really surprised?) I've got this on my wish list…http://mightynest.com/shop/kitchenware/kitchen-essentials/glass-microwave-popcorn-popper-25-quarts