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Sunday, June 12, 2011

She loves to read...(book rotation)

This girl loves books, and I love that about her.  This picture was taken about a year ago and she will still sit and read every book on her shelf.  Love it!

*Prepare for photo overload!*

These are the areas we always have books out for A:

There are two bins on the bottom of the bookcase in her room.  The bin on the left has mostly hardcover books and the bin on the right has board books.  Both of these bins of books get switched out from time to time.
There is also a smaller bin on the top of the bookshelf (forgot to take a photo) that is full of songs in book form (Five Little Ducks, Skip to my Lou, etc.)  These books always stay the same and don't get switched out.

Beside the glider, there is a side table with a cd player and two shelves of books.

On the top shelf, there is a bin of easy readers (we don't use these as often since we have been checking these types of books from the library now.)  There is also a pile of Bibles, books of prayers and bedtime song books.  The easy readers get swapped out, the Bibles are always there.

The bottom of the shelf has a bin of bedtime stories that always stay there and don't get switched out.

In the living room, A has a shelf with six spots where we put her toys.  One of the spots is always designated for books.  The books on that shelf are mainly library books, but it is also the spot where we put seasonal/holiday books when appropriate.  The books are switched out after each trip to the library. 

Under one of our side tables, I keep a bin of art supplies that are used regularly.  In front of the bin is a scrapbook of A's first year, along with a binder of books she's made (not shown) and an oversized "I Spy" type book.  The oversized book will get switched out, but I always leave the scrapbook and other photo albums for her to look through.

I keep a few books in both bathrooms for potty time.  I switch them out every month or so. (unless we are using them more, then we'll swap them out)

I store two baskets of books in A's closet.

I also store books on a big bookshelf in our garage.  They are sorted by season/holiday, nonfiction, classics, chapter books, poetry, etc.
Just like my toy organization, this was NOT done all in a day or a week or a month.  I've been working on the process for a year (or more) and finally have fallen into a routine.  It may sound overwhelming, or like it's a lot of work, but it really isn't. What are the ways you display your books?

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