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Monday, August 29, 2011

Tot School: new experiences

We will probably be using these tot trays for the next two weeks as long as they keep A's attention.  There are several new activites we will be working on.
September's sensory bin:
Scooping letters from a corn bin and matching them to paper.  I have three sheets of paper with letters and the magnets are pre-sorted into plastic baggies.
 (first seen here.)

Cutting Practice
(Included in this post from Sew Liberated)

Family Names:
A will match foam letters to the letters on these sentence strips.  She also has a page of her own (a whole piece of computer paper with her name as well as a place to practice tracing the letters in her name for when she is ready for that
*check out this post to learn more about the circle letters*

Clothespin clipping

Transferring water from one bowl to another

Number Magnet Pages
I will stick these pages to the door and have A put the magnets on the dots.
(I found these number pages at Kindergarten Crayons )

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Anonymous said...

That is clever... I really like how you did the name puzzles. These are all good ideas!

Tiff said...

Great ideas!! Stopping by from Tot School

jess_hak said...

Cutting is one of my little guys favorites! I am seeing a lot of water transferring activities lately....I'll have to try one soon. Thank you for sharing.