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Friday, August 26, 2011

Tools from a Kindergarten Teacher's Classroom

Here is a list of items I've used in my classroom after having tried and testing different brands/styles.  I haven't tried ALL other brands, but most of the brands that you'll find in the Big Box stores.

(photo from Amazon.com)

CRAYOLA, hands down.  These give the best non-waxy color of the most recognized brands in the stores.  I do NOT like the Jumbo crayons (my school had all kindergarteners purchase those).  They dull quickly and it's hard even for an adult to color inside the lines with them!  The Large size are MUCH better.

(photo from Amazon.com)

CRAYOLA.  I have tried other brands, and unless you want to purchase real colored pencils that artists use, Crayola will be your best bet.  They stay sharpened longer and the pencil "lead" doesn't break and fall off in pieces on you.  I have also tried the Jumbo Colored Pencils from Lakeshore Learning and those have held up pretty good the few times we've used them.

It doesn't matter.  As long as they are washable, I've found that most brands in the stores that look like Crayola markers compare just fine with them.

(photo from Amazon.com)

TICONDEROGA.  I like the hard lead and they stay sharp longer than other brands.  For tots, I like the Ticonderoga "Laddie tri-write."  It's thicker than a regular pencil and has a slight triangular shape that little ones can grasp.

(photo from LakeshoreLearning.com)

I like using construction paper when we do any type of painting or drawing.  It has a bit of a texture, which will soak up any paint/markers better than just plain old computer paper.  We get ours from Lakeshore Learning because it is such a great deal!

I'm not picky.  I will say that for beginning painters, I would not recommend the Crayola Beginnings All-In-One paint.  It's made for little hands to grasp, but the brush is so tiny, it's hard for toddlers to get it on the paper the way they want it.  If you're going to use an all-in-one painbrush, I'd go for the Crayola  Triangular Paintbrushes.  These are messy, so you may just want to go for plain old paint and a paintbrush!

(photo from Amazon.com)

Yes, brand DOES matter.  I use Scotch.  It has the best amount of stick without leaving a residue.  Other brands just haven't had the best "stick" to them (which is fine, since in a normal setting you wouldn't want it to stick a whole lot).

(photo from Amazon.com)

I like the Elmer's glue sticks, but NOT the purple ones that dry clear.  Little ones tend to end up with chunks of the glue stick depending on the project and when there is more than just a thin layer of the glue, it will dry purple rather than clear.

(photo from Amazon.com)
Plain old Elmer's white school glue...not the gel.  Just the right thickness.

I think that's it.  Did I forget anything?

*These are my personal opinions on the best products I've found.  I am in no way affiliated with the brands or websites listed.  I just really enjoy their products!

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