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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Fun

This spring, I started making a summer fun list.  This week, I came across two blogs that posted theirs, along with a blog that has a summer bucket list linky party!  So many ideas!  I'll be linking up with them. 

-swimming pond
-splash pad
-pick strawberries
-farmer's market
-go to Illinois
-go to Wisconsin
-make pickles
-make dilly beans
-freeze fruit
-can fruits and veggies
-visit hospital
-play at Auntie's house
-play dates
-summer tot school
-sponge paint
-watch a plant grow
-get sister's room ready
-bonfire with Dziadzia
-practice swimming
-send art to family and friends
-help Mama sew
-handprint craft
-make cornbread
-State Fair
-bubble wrap painting
-water balloons
-outside concert
-2011 summer journal/photo album
-art playdates
-play with squirt bottles outside
-go on a walk with Daddy
-trolley ride
-visit Daddy at work
--make BIG bubbles
-read books outside
-try new fruit popsicle recipes
-build a fort and play with a flashlight
-Tale time
-play in the tent outside
-baseball game

Mama's list
-make freezer meals
-make Hawaii photo album (and photo book for A)
-continue to print photos as deals come up
-date night's with Daddy (even if it's just dinner on the patio or a dvd)
-purge and organize
-get my camera lens fixed
-sewing projects
-work on my photography
Visit these blogs for more ideas:
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Brookie said...

Intentional Fun. I love it. You are a great mama.