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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Olympics group tot school

Another group tot school has come and gone. This time our theme was: OLYMPICS! I was pretty excited, and it was hard choosing between all of the fun activities. Here is what we ended up with: 

Olympic Rings Printing:We used upside down Play-Doh containers to create the Olympic rings.  The original idea uses toilet paper tubes, found here.

Do-a-dot Olympic rings: Printable from Making Learning Fun.

Create a sailboat and see if it floats: We used recycled baby food tubs, play dough, straws, tape and foam stickers to decorate.  This was located next to a full kitchen sink so the kids could see if their boats floated.

A few extra indoor activities were:
Two sorting trays

Two "What Comes Next?" trays
(both from part one of the 3 Dinosaurs Summer Olympics Pack)

and an Olympic matching game
(found here. Click on her TPT link on the left...it's free!)

OUTSIDE: everyone got a score sheet and there were markers at each station to fill in each section

Basketball: best out of ten

Throwing mini-beach balls through a hula hoop into a basket (shot put?)
(keep track of how many you got into the basket)

I saw this idea in a Family Fun magazine.  You take pool noodles (mine were from the Dollar Tree) and hook them onto chopsticks that are stuck in the ground.  So fun!
(write how many times you jumped over a hurdle.  A chose to do this again and again and again!)

Soccer: best out of ten

Balance Beam
checklist of skills(walk with one foot in front of the other, turn around, bend your knees, walk to the end and hop off, etc.)

Snack: ice cream cone and popcorn torches
(our friends provided strawberries, blueberries and juice boxes!)
I'm already working on next month's activities!

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Evie said...

this looks AMAZING! too bad we missed it! wow...great job