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Monday, February 25, 2013

Travel Binders

We went on a four hour road trip last weekend.  With the way I prepared, you'd think it was a 16 hour ordeal, but we were only in the car for 4 hours.  I had a few friends ask for details, so here they are.  There is more to come!
 (be sure to scroll over the words, I've provided links to the activities)

Big Sister's Binder
1. Highlights magazine, Laminated Kumon activity pages, pencil case with crayons and paper, Wooly Willy, ISpy book with magnifying glass
2.  lacing animals, envelope with plain paper and stickers
3.  Color Wonder coloring pages, We Choose Virtues coloring pages
5.  Tracing page I had from teaching, Kumon coloring pages
6.  Name writing practice (using letter boxes),  cutting practice sheets  
8.  Butterfly sticker page, Alphabet match-up with abc stickers
9. Hello Kitty/My Little Pony sticker sort, 1-10sticker sheets 

1.sticker activity page ,happy face/sad face sticker sorting
2.sticker shapes,  Color sorting with stickers
3.  Poking shapes with a golf tee (Montessori Print Shop), Letter search (Living Life Intentionally) 
4. Blank reindeer face (I found this on Pinterest and a Google search)
5.  Blank boy and girl (Pinterest and Google search) girl face here
6.letter tracing    
7.  Tracing from Musings of Me (no longer available),laminated Doc McStuffins Tot Pack
8. (more Doc)

Baby sister's binder
1. Highlights magazine, laminated Kumon pages (with dry-erase crayons), pencil case with paper and crayons, envelope with paper, coloring pages and stickers
2.  Color Wonder pages
3. Velcro Mitten Match (no longer available)
4.  Velcro Animal silhouette match (can't find the link!)
5. Blank faces

I'll update soon with what was in our TRAVEL BOX!

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