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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July: U.S.A. Flag!

A and I made a flag using construction paper and contact paper.  Here are the materials I had ready before we began:
-2 plain white pieces of paper
-two blue rectangles cut from construction paper
-red strips of paper cut from construction paper
-white stars cut from toddler to toddler
-a piece of contact paper cut a bit larger than the white piece of paper
-blue painter's tape

First, I put glue on the stars and A stuck them to her blue rectangle.

Next, I had the contact paper taped (sticky side up) with a white piece of paper underneath.  I had my white piece of paper so she could see where to place the blue rectangle. She placed her blue rectangle on her contact paper.  (It was totally in the wrong spot, but I left it)

*When doing this, you must do it in reverse (mirror image), since you are going to be flipping it at the end of the project.

I showed her how to put the strips of red paper on and let her do her own.

When she was finished, I pulled the white paper from beneath the contact paper and placed it on top.  I folded the contact paper over and it stuck to the back of the paper.  I even used a bit of tape to make sure it really held well.

The final product!  It may not look "right" but it's more about the process than the final product.  :)

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