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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We are still here.

Oh how these past few months have flown by...sort of.  They have been busy, full of holidays and birthdays and then just the everyday little things.  I take photos of what we do, I just don't take the time to upload any.  Hopefully I'll get better about that.
This morning we are at the dining room table...coloring.  A has never really been interested in coloring, and out of the blue--yesterday, she wanted to color.  She colored Care Bears and Dora and Curious George...anything we could find online and print for her.  This morning she discovered her brand new box of crayons Mama bought for her...64 of them!  I am sitting beside her as she shows me each crayon and asks me the name of the color: Purple Mountain's Majesty, Macaroni and Cheese, Mauevelous!  I love a brand new box of crayons.  Speaking of crayons, do you remember this clip from Sesame Street?  One of my favorites. 


Evie said...

sweet clip, i think i vaguely remember that!

Rachel said...

Totally remember that clip!