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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Group Tot School: Fourth of July

Today we hosted group tot school for June.  It was a Fourth of July theme.  We had lots of fun with our friends!
Making bracelets out of  pipe cleaners and beads
Some children were patient enough to sit and make a pattern (red-white-blue)

Matching star stickers to the colored x's

Tonging sparkly pom poms from a bowl into a star ice cube tray

Sparkly play dough
(white play dough with red, white and blue glitter)

U.S.A. Puzzle

I only got a couple photos from outside this time around.  The outside activities were:
Fourth of July Action Cards
Red, White and Blue Sidewalk Chalk
Delivering number mail/color mail
Golf Ball Fireworks painting with foam star stickers
Fingerprint Flag
Our friends provided blueberries, strawberries and bunny grahams for snack.  
We can't wait until the next one!

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Pennie said...

It sure looks like the kids had to have a lot of fun.