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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer 2012

I finally sat down and printed out our Summer 2012 fun list!  Here's what's on the list:

Jamba Juice    
 French Bakery     
blow bubbles    
Swimming pond     
ride bikes     
State Fair
 splash pad     
MLB baseball game     
build a fort    
 visit grandparents out of state     
trolley ride
 water balloons    
 group tot school     
visit parks     
splish splash play dates    
 book exchange     
 strawberry picking     
swim lessons    
 try gymnastics    
 finger paint    
 farmer's market    
 Sonic Happy Hour    
 play at Auntie's    
 finish baby sister's room     
Pizza date
  blow BIG bubbles   
  bubble wrap painting    
 walk with Daddy   
  play in tent outside 
    Tutti Frutti
 write a letter to Minnie  
   board games   
  take lots of pictures

We'll see how many things we get done this year!

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