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Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Advent Calendar

There were SO many great advent calendar ideas on Pinterest, that it was hard to decide on just one!  I ended up printing this cute little Christmas tree from here, and the blank calendar from here .  I just wrote in an activity for each day.  I have plenty of books from teaching, so we actually read one book and do  one activity each day.  It's nice to have the calendar in front of me, because if I don't have all of the supplies ready for one activity, I can look at another day and do that one.  

One of the first activities we did was a "paint with water" velvet picture. I got this one at Wal-Mart for just under a dollar.  (It's a great idea to go right after Christmas and stock up for next year, since these items go on clearance and they sell out quickly!)

This was a new experience for A, but she got the hang of it quickly.

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