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Friday, December 14, 2012

Yes,  it's been a very long time.  I had decided to start up with some posts again, and I found out I'd reached my limit for photos on blogger...so I got that figured out and I'm back (at least for now)

Little Christmas treats!

I worked with A and we made cards for her teachers.  She's in gymnastics, dance, and has Wednesday night church classes.  I cut some pieces of watercolor paper and let her dip mini cookie cutters into tempera paint and just stamp them all over the paper.  I later folded them into mini cards and wrote a note inside.

After making the cards, she put together little treat bags.  Each bag had mini candy canes, white chocolate peppermint kisses and regular chocolate kisses.  A candy cane was added at the end.  We used these awesome candy cane tags from here  and A wrote her name on the back. 
She really had so much fun assembling these and handing them out.  Such an easy little gift for a little one to give!

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