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Thursday, November 3, 2011

best sensory bin ever

I saw this sensory bin on someone's blog...I can't remember where!  You put popcorn kernels, magnetic refrigerator letters and a scoop in a shoebox.  I used alphabet stickers and put them on three separate pieces of paper and laminated them.  A scoops the letters out and matches them to the letter on the paper.

When we started this, I kept the letters in three separate bags and we only did one page/bag at a time.  Now A has enough interest and attention to do all three pages at once!

*TIP* When doing a small sensory bin like this, place it on top of a blanket.  That way, when the little pieces (popcorn kernels here) fall out, all you need to do to clean up is roll the blanket and pour the pieces back in!

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