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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I've added these three Kumon workbooks to A's school drawers.  You can get the books anywhere.  We were lucky enough to score a bunch from Costco a few months back.  She's never been much for coloring, so she has zero pencil grip, and I've also really wanted to work on her scissor skills.  I brought these out and made a big deal of it.  We do one page from each book every day.  She always asks for more.  

The sticker pages and maze pages stay inside the books, but the cutting pages are ripped out so it is easier to handle while cutting.  When she finishes a cutting page, she takes it to the front door and clips it onto a magnet clip so Daddy can see it when he comes home.  I'm so glad she's enjoying it and I can already see improvement.  Hopefully that pencil grip will begin to improve too!

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