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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tot trays are baaaack!

After almost eight months adjusting to life with two kiddos, we are FINALLY back to having tot trays!  A has been asking for "school" for so long.  Here are the drawers I quickly put together for her during naptime today.
Tutti Frutti sensory bin:
-ice cream scoop
-ice cream bowls and spoons
-pom poms
(she pretends to make sundaes from her favorite frozen yogurt place, Tutti Frutti)

Wooden cylinder puzzle: I just got this from a consignment store.  It's originally from Pottery Barn Kids.  You can complete the puzzle by color and height.  The cylinders also fit inside each other and you can stack them.


Addition puzzles: A points to each picture as she counts.  

Children's Bibles:
here and here

Transferring water: 
-colored water in a bowl
-eye dropper
-sponge (for spills)
-non-slip bathtub tread
These items will be placed on a tray.  A will use the eye dropper and transfer colored water onto each single suction cup.  (I've since added another tread)


Care Bears toys: I have a huge bin of these toys.  I chose to only put a few items here so she doesn't get too overwhelmed with so many choices.


This is what her school drawers look like.  The drawers are located on the main level in a corner that is easily accessible to her, but tucked away enough so that Little Sister doesn't get into them.

I'm so excited to finally be getting back into the swing of "school" (just in time for summer, ha!)  I just know A is happy and very excited and that makes me happy!

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