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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tutti Frutti!

In January, we made an ice cream sensory bin for a friend as a birthday gift.  I was sure to purchase enough materials to make another one for A.  I've been cleaning and decluttering and this week A discovered the little ice cream cups and spoons and asked me how to play "this game."  So I threw together the bin and it really didn't need an explanation.  She scooped the pom poms into the ice cream dishes.  I thought it was cute she was putting only green ones in the green bowl and pink ones in the pink bowl.  She was so excited to be making "Tutti Frutti's" (our favorite frozen yogurt place)

 To make your own you need:
-plastic shoebox/bin
-different colors and sizes of pom poms
-ice cream or cookie scoop
-bowls and spoons
-ice cube tray (optional...we didn't use one)

I got the idea for the sensory bin from
here and here.
The ice cream cups and spoons are from Amazon

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