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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chai spice boys

A and I tried a new recipe today.  Instead of Gingerbread boys, we made Chai Spice boys.  You can find the original recipe from Better Homes and Gardens here.
I think this is best done in three days:
Day One: Mix dough and put in refrigerator. (I didn't take pictures of this)
Day Two: Roll, Cut-out and bake cookies.
Day Three: Decorate cookies.
A sprinkling flour (she LOVED it and even ate some and said "mmm") 
Rolling the dough...
Cutting out the cookies.
Decorating the cookies.
TIP: I just put some powdered sugar in a zip-top baggie, added a splash of milk, zipped closed and squished the frosting around.  I cut a tiny tiny hole in one of the corners and helped A squeeze the frosting out.
I brought out some sprinkles, but A was MUCH more interested in the freeze-dried strawberries as a cookie topping.  Here she is picking the strawberries off and eating them. 
This is a nice, crisp cookie.  The Chai and gingerbread flavors are light, so they don't overwhelm.  Mama, Daddy and A give them a thumbs up!

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