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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Homemade squishy food container

So I know you've seen these before.  I showed you, remember?  Well, I looked high and low to find a reusable, refillable "squishy food" container for A.  All I found was someone else asking the same question on  a forum.  I decided I was going to have to make my own.

I bought two different Take & Toss containers: cups with straws, and little snack bowls.

I switched the lids (I still use the tall cups with straws for drinking AND I use the tall cups with snack lids for bigger snack storage.)

Finally, I poured some good ol' baby food into the container.  Since A is used to drinking out of the squishy food pouches, this wasn't much of a difference.  

Although you don't get every last drop sucked out like you do with the pouches, it is a good substitute.  When A is finished, I just open it up and give her the remaining spoonful of food.  Yum!


Janet Rose said...

Very creative thinking! Stopping by from Wednesday's Walk.

Jenilee said...

very good idea! :) thanks for linking up this week!

Mandy Jane said...

The little bowls with a straw have been very helpful on the go! Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca from Maple Grove said...

Absolutely the BEST thing any mom has ever told me. It's been fantastic.