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Friday, January 6, 2012

Afternoon tea

I took the girls to Teavana a few days ago.  While we were there, A tasted an herbal iced tea and liked it!  I purchased a few herbal teas and brought them home.  I made a batch of each to keep in the fridge.  She thought it was okay the first day.  Then she forgot about it.  Today she asked to make more.
"I like to drink iced tea with Mama!" she exclaimed.  I was pretty excited about having an afternoon tea time, even if it was iced tea.  Then after dinner she asks for more.  Oh, I'm so happy she's enjoying her herbal tea. (I prefer that to sugary juice) and then, I slowly realize...
Yes, she enjoys drinking tea with her mama.  Yes, she may enjoy the taste of the tea...but what she really, really likes most...is the ice.  I love that girl.
(disclaimer--no, she did NOT put that piece of ice into her mouth...though I don't doubt she would have tried without me there!)
Our favorite teas so far:

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