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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby's first Christmas

For A's first Christmas, we made a pink handprint ornament out of Model Magic. This year, we made one for little sister.  Here's how:
-white Model Magic
-a lid to a small bowl
-a straw
-a piece of ribbon
-parchment paper/wax paper

1.  Knead a bit of Model Magic to soften.
2.  Spread dough flat, color with a marker, knead, repeat until you get your desired shade.
3.  Put Model Magic inside lid, place baby's hand in the middle and press.  (We had to do ours while she was sleeping, otherwise her hand would be clenched into a fist.)
4.  Carefully Peel Model Magic out of the lid.  Use the straw to create a hole in the top.  Lay flat on parchment paper to dry overnight.
5.  Add ribbon.
We put the name/year on the back with permanent marker

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