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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mealtime, Shmealtime.

Consistenly, the most stressful part of my day with A (since she began eating table food) is mealtime.  UGH!  She doesn't eat meat, can't eat dairy (along with other fruits and nuts), has acid reflux, along with the usual toddler pickiness too.  She's not the kind of kid who, "if she's hungry enough, she'll eat it."  No.  She will turn into a crabby bear and make everyone else pay until she gets something she approves of into her tummy.  (Sadly, she gets the hungry, crabby bear trait from me)

We gave her a portion of a bottom drawer to access as her snack drawer whenever she wants.  This has helped, but mealtimes still were stressful.  This was especially true at the end of the day when a tired mama had run out of ideas.

Enter the pre-packed Bento.  We've always brought one along with us on errands, playdates, at church, etc. since A has intolerances and, well...can get grumpy without food (Ahem...Mama has her own snack stash too.)  Today I decided to prepack every meal for one entire day.  That way, there is an intentionally planned, at least somewhat balanced meal ready to go.  Why has it taken me this long to think of this?!  DUH!

There they are: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Now when it's mealtime or I hear, "Mama, I'm huuungry!" I can just whip one of these out and not spend an ounce of stress worrying about it.  To go even one step further, I planned out an entire week of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that I can rotate around.  Oh, I can't wait to try this.
Oh, I almost forgot.  I am freezing her smoothies too.  I can just pull one out the night before and have it thaw inthe fridge to be enjoyed the next day.  Ahhh....I can do this.

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