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Friday, May 27, 2011

Soothing those gums!

Okay, so this is a strange photo, yes...but it serves a purpose.  When A was teething, I would freeze bananas for her to eat.  She wouldn' eat them unfrozen, but enjoyed them straight from the freezer.  The pacifier is in the photo to show the size of the banana chunks.  

Here is what you do:
-Peel a banana and carefully run your thumb/finger down one of the long indents of the banana.  This will split the banana lengthwise into three long banana pieces (this is how they prepare bananas for banana splits!)
- cut banana into three sections (you'll end up with 9 pieces)  Don't just take a banana and slice it; frozen banana slices (round ones) are a choking hazard.
-put some cereal into a plastic baggie and crush it with a rolling pin
-put the banana pieces a couple at a time into the baggie and shake to cover.
-freeze the banana slices on a cookie sheet until frozen
-store in a plastic freezer bag

Then cereal is added so the bananas aren't too slippery to handle when your child is munching on it. It's very soothing to those baby gums when they are teething!

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