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Monday, May 9, 2011

Tot school

This week we are looking at the book, "Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What do you see?" as well as working on the Unit, "God Wants me to be Obedient" in the book: Instant Bible Lessons for Toddlers--Growing Up for God.

Beginning Patterns 
-(I made these strips from a download I got from Lily and Oak

How Many Bears? Book   (FREE from The Virtual Vine)
-The book has pages that count the bears (One red bear, two yellow bears, etc.)
-A will color the bears and I will cut them out, put paste on them and then A will glue them to the pages
*note--this will take a week or more depending on her interest*
(the bears are from an AIMS activity page I had.  You can draw bears, use a bear punch or do a Google search to find your own.)

Match the animal to its fur (FREE from homeschoolshare.com)
This may be too difficult for A, so we will start with three different animals and go from there.  If she is too overwhelmed or not interested, we will scratch this activity and just do the animal silhouette match.

Animal Silhouette Match
(FREE zoo unit from 2 Teaching Mommies)

Number Line/Match  (FREE from The Virtual Vine)
 -I cut the numbers from the second number line and taped them to ice cubes.  They aren't a perfect fit, but will do the job

I Obey: Coloring pages and songs (from Instant Bible Lessons for Toddlers

Extra activity: Do a Dot bunny page (FREE from Making Learning Fun

Locking Flower Beads

Tot School

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