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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The double pacifier

This is one of the best tips ever...and it came from Daddy.

It's the double pacifier.  YES!  
A still likes her pacifier and she especially likes to switch them out.  I was getting so tired of having her throw her pacifier on the floor of the car and ask for another one.  Not giving her one after she threw it did NOT work...she just cried...loudly.  So...Daddy suggested we use a pacifier clip and put TWO pacifiers on it.  That way, A can have one in her mouth and one to hold/switch out.  It has been such a great thing for us when we are in the car. Now...if only we could figure out how to get RID of the pacifier?


Janet Rose said...

That is a tough issue indeed. I'm sure there are just as many ways as there are children. For my boys, they were only given a pacifier when going to sleep. When up and about, they didn't get it. Then one night, after Alex woke up the third time for his pacifier which had fallen out of his crib, I was done, and so was he, with the pacifier. I don't think he liked being awakened any more than I did. He never seemed to miss it...and he slept through the night from there on out. Hope you find an easy way out from the pacifier!

Mandy Jane said...

It's good to hear how it worked for you. We're working toward having one only in the crib...then eliminating it. We'll see!