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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We're going on a LONG trip

We are going on a long trip in a little over a week.  A REALLY long trip...on an airplane...more than one.  So, I made up some toddler activity bags for A to keep her busy.  All you really need to do is google "toddler activity bags" and you'll get a TON of ideas.  Two really great sites are:

Here is what I have so far:
-farm animal velcro scene on felt
-mini Play-Doh
-animal lacing cards
-pill box with mini pom poms
-Animal Bingo (matching game)
-bag with stickers, sticker book, mini notebook, markers, paper
-easy reader books
-travel Magna Doodle

I'm not sure which activities I'll take and which ones I'll leave.  I also have a beading activity with bubble straw pieces and want to make a button snake.
  I plan to put all of A's activities in her own carry on backpack, along with some snacks.  We also have videos and games on Daddy's ipad, and Dziadzia and Gramma will be along to help out.  Wish us luck!

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