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Monday, January 10, 2011

Letter identification charts

When I taught kindergarten, I used these cute little letter identification charts with my students.  I would point to a letter and if they could correctly identify it, they would get a stamp, if not, it was left blank.  They took them home so their parents knew which letters to be working on.

Since my daughter has started identifying letters recently, I wanted to print a chart out for my own records.  I don't use them in the same way.  I don't point to letters and see if she knows them.  I just make a mental note whenever I hear her say a new letter when she sees one (in a book, on a sign) and then use a bingo marker to mark the ones she knows.  I'm so impressed with the ones she already knows!

I printed the charts at Making Learning Fun.  I have one uppercase sheet and one lowercase sheet.  I wrote the months I would be using them in the upper corner.  I plan to print out different ones with the seasons and just tuck them away in a folder until she has a set of filled up ABC's!

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