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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We have Annabel Karmel's ice lolly molds.  I'm not a huge fan, since there is a well at the bottom, so the popsicle pieces get stuck at the bottom and A ends up sticking her fingers all around to try and get every last bit out.  Also, our set broke quite easily where the pieces connect to each other.  However, I do like that they have handles A can hold on her own.
We make popsicles using baby food.  We started doing this when A was much smaller, teething, and not eating very much.  We found that when she wouldn't eat anything else, she'd eat a popsicle!  And, knowing that she was eating baby food, allowed us to give her more than one without feeling guilty about loading her up with sugar.  With these molds, one container of store-bought baby food fills all four molds.

If you know of any better popsicle molds with nice handles for toddlers, please let me know!

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